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Bathmate® Hydromax Review

Bathmate is a brand name of penis pump were very successful in the market. The secret of success is the patented Hydropump technology, which provides significantly better results compared to most other penis pumps. Since its launch in 2006, more than 1 million of men's have already opted for the Bathmate product to enjoy a permanent penis improvement, with a percentage of satisfied customers reaching nearly 95%.

The largest gains ever reported with the use of penis pumps from the Bathmate is about 12 centimeters. And although not everyone will be able to achieve this result, the average gains when using a Bathmate penis pump is about 5-7 centimeters. Such results make the brand unique and show that it's a real innovator within male enhancement industry.

When the pump is filled with water, the penis inserted inside, and all firmly anchored to the body, the pressure created inside the pump itself causes the blood to flow into the penis like a normal erection, but more vigorous and durable.

Bathmate are designed for practicality, easy to use and only takes 15 minutes a day in a constant way to guarantee fast and visible results. Bathmate pump undoubtedly are a great way of penis exercising.

Using these pumps regularly and following the directions will benefit not only the size of the penis but also your sex life in general. You will be able to get more satisfying sexual performance for both you and your partner.

The Science of Bathmate®

How Bathmate Hydromax works to increase your size?

The penis consists of two parallel columns of erectile tissue (corpora cavernosa) and a smaller column (corpus spongiosum), which surround the urethra and form the apex of the penis. The columns are composed of muscular tissue and several blood vessels, covered with a dense connective tissue that prevents the excessive lengthening of the penis. Special mechanisms control the inflow and outflow of blood into the columns, allowing the penis to fill with blood quickly, reaching an erection.

Bathmate is based on water and its pressure to allow an effective, uniform and painless stretching of the penile tissues. The pump acts at the level of the two largest columns (corpora), ie the corpora cavernosa. When using the Bathmate pump, the pressure generated will extends the erectile columns and connective tissues of the penis evenly. And finally the columns will grow and extend, allowing a greater flow of blood.

Bathmate promotes cell division, creating a new layer of cells that overlaps the pre-existing state and increases tissue in the penis. With the regular use of the pump, the largest columns will expand, allowing an increased blood supply and, consequently, an increase in penis size.

Bathmate Hydropump Advantages

Medically Proven Method

The fact : Penis pumps, also known as the 'vacuum pumps' have been used widely by medical community for years to aid men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Many doctors recommend this device because of its effectiveness, low risk and cheaper when compared to other erectile dysfunction treatment.

Water Based Give Better Results

Previously, the penis pumps are only available in form of vacuum air pump. Until in 2006 Bathmate made a new breakthrough in history and patented a Hydro Pump technology. With water in it, the vacuum force created is more uniform around the penis. This means that all veins around are stimulated entirely, which eventually provide a more significant results.

Clinically Tested For Safety

Manufactured in Wakefield West Yorkshire - UK, using medical grade materials that include safe silicone for skin, high strength polycarbonate and quality stainless steels. It has been tested by Aspen Clinical Research to be safe for use in the genital area.

Awesome Guarantee

The company are completely confident that user will have a great experience in using Bathmate penis pumps. So, they offer a 60 days return option, along with a 2 years product warranty and completely free delivery. With a long track record of company, millions user worldwide, you can't be wrong if choose Bathmate as the best male enhancement device for you.

Bathmate® Pump Series

Hydro7 (Formerly; Bathmate Hercules)

- The original Bathmate pump
- Perfect for first time user
- Ideal for penis with a length up to 19 cm
- 2 years warranty
- Permanent gains
- Stonger & longer lasting erection

Price from $110

Hydromax Series

- 35% more power than the original
- Perfect for intermediate user
- Ideal for penis with a length up to 23 cm
- 2 years warranty
- Permanent gains
- Stonger & longer lasting erection

Price from $139

Hydroxtreme Series

- The most powerfull Bathmate pump
- Come with complete package
- Ideal for penis with a length up to 28 cm
- 2 years warranty
- Permanent gains
- Stonger & longer lasting erection

Price from $249

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no restrictions for adult male who wants to use bathmate. This is a universal product indicated both for those who use it for the first time and for those who regularly use the pump, with a penis length between 8 to 28 cm.
If used correctly, the Bathmate pump has NO side effect! However, pay attention to the pressure in the pump, which should not be too strong, and to the correct positioning of the pump. Too much pressure can cause pain and bruising that will have a temporary duration. In the event of discomfort, loosen the pressure from the valve at the end of the pump.

If you have recently had a surgical operation in your penis or you have pains in your genital organ, we advise you to consult a doctor before using the device.
We recommend using the pump for 15-20 minutes a day, between 3 and 7 times a week. To achieve maximum results, use the water pump every day. We do not recommend using the pump more than once a day.
Water should not escape from the pump during use, otherwise the optimal pressure may not be reached. Water leaks are generally caused by a usage error or plugging of the device. In case of loss of water, remove the penis from the device and empty all the water. If water loss persists, you can contact the customer support for further assistance.

Unlike the air pumps, which only extend parts of the penis, the water pump favors the extension of the internal chambers of the penis. So there is no contraindication in case of circumcision.

For general hygiene, sterilize the water pump after each use with soap. While rinsing, keep the water pump facing down and unscrew the valve at the end, to allow water to escape. Make sure you have rinsed all residues of soap. We recommend storing the water pump in a dry place away from direct sunlight.
Absolutely yes! The packaging is sealed and does not contain any labels that could make the contents feel guilty.